300g Brown Sugar

900ml Mineral Water (the less Nitrate content the better) 

Make it

Melt the sugar in a pan until you reach a fine syrup. Mix the syrup with the water and the Baobab powder, stirring until the liquid is uniform. Pour the mixture into the ice cream making machine. The rapidity of the process will depend on your ice cream making appliance. Once the mixture has gained a harder texture and you can form a scoop with it, you can consider the sorbet ready.

Serve with a fresh mint leaf on top of the scoop.

Enjoy !

This recipe is helping you to integrate the Superfood Baobab Fruit Powder into your diet. 

Key Health Benefits:

  • Improved energy release
  • Gastro-intestinal health

  • Immune system booster

  • Skin glow and rejuvenation

  • Improved iron absorption

  • Support of bone strength

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